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About Spiderstrand

If you need to streamline your data, improve communications, untangle your network and restore faith in your business, Spiderstrand is the superhero you have been looking for.

Spiderstrand – the superhero who will recover your data to save your business!

PS for those wanting a less dramatic approach we can also offer software solutions to improve and invigorate your business


In the Beginning – Life before Spiderstrand

After establishing a business under the name of Web Assistants in 2007, Vladislav Ogir it slowly became clear that although web assistance was a very helpful service to offer, this service alone could not satisfy the needs of customers. In fact, Vladislav discovered that as well as web assistance, data management was the main stumbling block to business development.


How Significant is Data Management

As businesses expand they tend to acquire a selection of computer programmes, each one designed to meet a particular demand of the organization. Whilst this solved one problem it also created another as the businesses often overlooked the need to establish a communication interface between the different sections.

For a business to be successful it is essential that the different teams within the organization work well together and that data gathered in one part of the business is shared with other areas. This can not only avoid duplication of effort but also minimize frustration levels!

In order to do this it is critical that the separate computer systems which support them can communicate. Without this, it is a recipe for disaster, for the business, their customers and equally for the people who use the systems.

Many customers were struggling to handle data efficiently so Vladimir knew that he had to take action quickly as it was only a matter of time before the lack of streamlined data would wipe out entire sectors of industry. He dreamt of creating bespoke business software solutions to eradicate a generation of prematurely aged business owners – and thus Spiderstrand was born.


Spiderman and his Team of Technical Experts!

Of course, every hero has their support and whilst Spiderstrand doesn’t have a Robin he does have the support of a dedicated team of experts, all of whom are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable. Uniquely equipped to handle bespoke application designs and unique implementation development they are superheroes in their own right and enable Spiderstrand to provide such creative and innovative solutions.


The Mission: To Rid the World of Unfriendly Data

Spiderstrand’s mission is to resolve major setbacks in business by designing and developing bespoke business solution applications, customized to meet the demands of each specific industry. Spiderstrand aims to improve the decision making process by providing supportive and workable business tools for each area or business application. The ability to make informed decisions plays a critical role in the success of any business.


The Offer: Will you Accept?

Spiderstrand aims to create work that is honest, with solutions that are exploratory, exemplary, educational and inspirational, providing tools that are conceptually interesting and readily applicable.

We design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as a result. We aspire for the optimal realization that, work is pleasurable and inspirational for creativity that produces answers to ease the burden of others.


The Adventures of Spiderstrand

Those we have touched and those who have touched us

As we rid the world of convoluted data we have met fantastic people and appreciate the opportunities we have been given. It has been a great pleasure to work with them and here are a few of the highlights:-

– In September 2016 we launched of Castle Cloud, a secure data management system which permits the analysis of data online, which we were privileged to develop. Castle Cloud has done what desktop applications on the market struggle to do, i.e., to process large data. Castle Cloud allows users to manipulate the vast amounts of data efficiently.

– We developed an application on behalf of the National Health Service and have worked with schools such as Scarborough Sixth Form College (a private boarding school), as well as businesses such as the Castle Group and Northern Transcripts, Scarborough Literature Festival, and various others.

– Amongst our Spiderstrandtastic fans who use our applications we include UK Power Networks, SSE PLC, Casella, Optegra, and Helix – Clanwilliam Group.


Spiderstrand to the Rescue!
Don’t be Scared of the Green Goblin

Have you ever met Spiderman? Don’t worry, today you have met Spiderstrand, Spiderman can wait! If the Green Goblin is threatening to obliterate your business, or Doctor Octopus is stealing your best customers, your only option is to send out an SOS to Spiderstrand before it is too late!

Apart from saving your business, protecting your assets, and rescuing damsels in distress, Spiderstrand also offers extremely practical bespoke business, data and internet application solutions.

Don’t wait for Spiderman, Spiderstrand is here!

Having used Spiderstrand for several website and software programming projects, I have been extremely impressed with the positive attitude of the team. The answer always seems to be 'yes, we can do that'. Furthermore, they deliver exactly to the brief and are able to do so in the time specified at the beginning of the project. I am delighted that we have found this company and we will be using them for many more projects in the future.

Simon Bull
Managing Director of Castle Group Ltd

Running a Dental surgery it was important to have a web site that displayed; clarity, confidence, security and an easiness of design, coupled with a professional appearance. This was achieved and surpassed by Spiderstrand. It was not just the design and attention to detail which impressed, but the aftercare and availability. I would highly recommend Spiderstrand as I have found them to be very capable and a business of integrity.

Owner of Dental Clinic

I am extremely pleased with all the work Spiderstrand have done for me. Their service was fast and efficient and they listened to what I wanted and matched my needs with your technical skills. The website has produced the desired results and has generated a large number of responses, which I know are solely due to the design and implementation of their service. Again, my thanks to Spiderstrand for this unique service.

Bridal Boutique Owner

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